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I'm a freelance artist from Watford, Hertfordshire, who creates pop-fantasy artwork for exhibitions and for illustration commissions.

  People often think I'm called "Caroline." And my nickname is  "Spoons."  

  But that gets confusing, so I sign under C. Storey!


  My artwork largely centres around Character design.

  Using ink pens, watercolours or photoshop as chosen mediums my passions for storytelling, music, film and Spirituality come out through my niche images.  

   I love to use colour to express emotion and each of my little folks has their own tale to tell. And their dream-world surroundings are sometimes taken from observation studies, and sometimes they are completely from my imagination.

  Since graduating from Kingston University with a BA Honours Degree in Illustration and Animation in 2007 I have built up a substantial portfolio of previous projects. Including book illustrations, murals and personal requested commissions from clients.

  I'm also a compulsive film and record collector, and I'm an aspiring writer. I also wish to one day and to own a V W Campervan!








I have always had a love of the weird, the wonderful, and the psychedelic. Particularly the 1960's Hippy image, the absurdities of Pop Culture and the notion of other worlds and ideas that go beyond our own materialistic existence. I adore stories about regular humans being transported into parallel worlds. Like Alice in Wonderland.


I find inspiration through listening music, meditating, walking in the gorgeous British outdoors and travelling. But most of all I get inspiration from observing people. Each of my characters are inspired by real people, whether they be figures from Pop Culture, strangers passing on the street or people I know, none of my characters are "made up."  I like the idea of everyone having "a narrative, a story about them," and love using colour to express emotion. -Which is why I mainly depict young adults. Because there's no other major emotional time in life than adolescence!


As a child I enjoyed reading illustrated children's books, particularly Roald Dahl books illustrated by Quentin Blake and the books of Beatrix Potter.  But Disney movies provided the biggest inspiration. Counting Alice in Wonderland, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and The Beast and The Lion King among my favourites, Disney offered valuable insight into what makes up the anatomy of a character profile, and what elements can indicate whether a character is kind, evil, innocent etc.  The strong, well-written plotlines of Disney have also inspired my writing.


Favourite Artists :  Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali, Rene Magritte, Henri Rousseau, J.W.Waterhouse, Brian Froud, Tracey Emin, Alan Aldridge, Robert Crumb.  




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